Sunday, November 6, 2011


Iam the only Indian caricaturist to do highest number of public caricatures since 1975.
It is one lakh plus !
And probably the only Indian artists original art work to find a place at SO MANY personal collections.Hey,friends, I myself didn't know that I have been doing something like this!


Kerala Cartoon Academy said...

I saw this only now, Prakash. In fact, as I publicly spoke in that Durbar Hall, Kochin function 5 yrs back, in my view, your single great accomplishment is that you took your caricatures to Indian streets. A scaringly uncertain decision for a cartoon with a catchy Malayala Manorama label ! In the KCA camps, I keep on telling this to kids and colleagues whenever I wanted to discuss self-confidence and quality of output.

YOU really stand out !
I salute you,
Kerala Cartoon Academy salutes YOU, PRAKASH :)


Sahitya said...

Hat's up to you...
Thumba thumba varshagaLa hinde ..Moodbidri Sahithya sammelanadalli Nanna college representative aagi bhagavahisiddaaga, nimma kaiyinda nanna chitra baresikonda nenapu...
eegaloo hachcha hasiru!!
Thereafter , till today, have seen-watched-read your every move..every single line..How glorious. ."The Week" days..You are are great- genuine talent!!

Nimmannu Mumbai ge karesi maadi satkarisabekemba aase ide.. ,
Need your Telephone No also mail id ..

With Regards
Dayasagar Chowta

Unknown said...

It's been 6 years that you sketched me and my girlfriend back in Forum Mall while enjoying the crowd there. It's 5 years since we are married and your Cartoon is still one of our cherished picture. Thank you Sir.